In a peaceful setting in the Blue Ridge Mountains of southwest Virginia is a bed & breakfast inn called Ambrosia Farm. Surrounded by pastures, rolling hills and crisp mountain skies, we conduct our summer residential camp series.

Dear Friends,

Children are like precious pearls; given a safe, nurturing, dynamic environment in which to grow, and learn, they exceed even their own expectations! It is one of my greatest pleasures to observe this phenomena. Their sheer bliss in an activity, their enlightened moments, their unique problem -solving strategies, their natural desire to learn and participate, their total ease in gaining friendships. These are only a few of the many extraordinary characteristics that I am honored to observe and delight in. It is with this amazement and utter respect for children that these camps were born. 
  Another one of my greatest pleasures is developing new art programs for the children each summer. There are so many talented artists, artisans, and teachers who have made these mountains their home. Windsor chair makers, potters, luthiers (instrument makers), landscape painters, basket makers, candle makers, soap makers, blacksmiths, stone carvers... even African dancers and drummers, actors, and directors! The list goes on and on! I pride myself in putting together a stellar program every year! Our summer camp is for kids ages 9 to 18.

Our adventure camp series was born out of my husband's love of the outdoors. The program consists of daily excursions to exquisite mountain trails for hiking as well as biking, tubing on the New River, and horseback riding. We keep the number of campers to a minimum of 12 each session so that we can maintain a very safe, and loving environment. The children are given the respect and the attention they deserve. They are also housed in our bed and breakfast inn, with approximately 5 campers per room. Our adult to child ratio is 4 :1 including our visiting artist, counselor, and directors. We are CPR and first aid trained with safety in mind always. It is with a true love of the arts, a spirit of adventure, and a great respect for children, that I present Camp Ambrosia. I hope to see you and your child this summer!

Joyfully yours,
Caroline Thomas, Director